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Bob Sykes BarBQ

Southern Foodways Alliance

  Bob Sykes BarB-Q   1724 9TH AVENUE N BESSEMER, AL 35020 (205) 426-1400 Originally from Cumberland City, Tennessee, Bob Sykes grew up in the country, experiencing hog killings and learning to smoke hams. As a young man during the Depression, Bob set out for Birmingham, seeking opportunity in the big city. He worked a…

Bob Sykes BarBQ

What’s Better, Gas or Charcoal? Bob Skyes BBQ Helps Us Decide

Tailgating is almost as important as the game its self.  But What is better to use to start the fire, Gas or Charcoal? And how do you get the right flavor? Bob Sykes BBQ stops in to tell us.

Bob Sykes BarBQ

Bob Sykes Pecan Pie Recipe | Since 1957

Prepared by Van Sykes Set aside an unbaked 9” pie crust Combine 4 TBSP Soften Butter with ¾ cup of firmly packed Light Brown Sugar and cream (or whole milk) and blend until smooth In a separate bowl, whip 3 whole eggs with a whisk and blend with the butter and sugar Next, add 1…